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Are you looking for Replacement Windows? Read This First...

According to HomeAdvisor, 25% of the costs for heating and cooling your home comes from the energy lost through your windows.

Carefully considering which type of window is right for your home could save you thousands of dollars in energy costs, while increasing the resale value of your home.

Window Installation

Did you know?

In independent market studies, they have noted that 65% of service related issues to prematurely failed windows are related to improper installation.

This is due to short cuts during the installation of windows, low-cost faulty sealants and improper flashing methods. There is something to be said for doing a job right the first time, and being able to put your name on it. Nex-Gen strives for quality over quantity and are constantly raising the bar in the window replacement industry. We live by the code: A product is only as good as the Installation behind it.

How Can We Help with Your Window Replacement Needs?

I'm so happy we chose to go with Brent and his team.

The vinyl windows in our townhouse were 20 years old and showing signs of their age. We contacted several companies for bids. Some of the presentations were really long. We really appreciated Ted’s selling style of letting the product speak for itself. He didn’t waste our time. His pitch was informative and very low pressure. I’m so happy we chose to go with Brent and his team. I dreaded the installation process and the cleanup afterwards. My husband was home when the windows were installed. I couldn’t believe it when I got home from work and the windows were in and there was no mess! I would not have known the installers had come if it weren’t for our beautiful new windows. The company is very responsive and workmanship was outstanding. I highly recommend Nex-Gen Home Exteriors for window replacements!

Infinity Windows from Marvin

Since 1913 the Marvin family has been in the business of building exceptional quality windows and doors for homes across the country, even in other countries across the world.

Their values of professionalism and the dedication to quality are why they are one of the largest window and door manufactures in existence today.

Their vision to service the replacement window and door market lead to the creation of Marvin Infinity windows and doors which is designed specifically for the replacement needs.

When the opportunity came about, Marvin knew they had many options of which material to use in the window line which came the development of Ultrex® Fiberglass.

Today Ultrex® has established a flawless track record for over two decades in production and proves to be the window material of the future.

Why Choose Infinity Windows?

Total Performance

  • Total performance means total home comfort any time of the year
  • Air and weathertight
  • Tested to rigorous industry standards for thermal and structural performance
  • Low E glass reduces solar heat gain and increases UV blockage
  • Meets Energy Star standards in all regions
  • Infinity can reduce your annual energy bill by 33%

Appearance and Design

  • Beautiful, effortless operation, easy to wash
  • Narrower window profile allows more daylight and better views
  • Infinity windows have innovative features for cleaning from the inside of your home
  • Designed to replicate the details and beauty of traditional wood windows

Reliability & Expertise

  • Peace of mind, no-hassle experience
  • Simple, hassle-free sales
  • Installation by expert, certified, licensed, Installation Masters
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Infinity® products are backed by Marvin Windows and Doors, an industry leader since the 1930’s

Total Value

  • You know you have made the best choice for your investment
  • Infinity offers superior performance, materials, appearance, design, reliability and expertise
  • All these features at a competitive price
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Infinity Everwood

Infinity EverWood windows offers the look and feel of wood without many of the different problems you encounter with real wood windows. EverWood windows are made with inorganic materials, and therefore will not absorb moisture, expand, contract, or decay over time. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these durable windows year after year. Customize your windows by staining them just like real wood to compliment any existing interior wood work in your home.

Improving Your Home For Life