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The Nelson Job

Project Brief

Each project Nex-Gen works on has its own unique story. We value building a genuine relationship with our clients, and more often than not we stay in contact with those clients long after the project is complete. Located in Lyons, Colorado, the Nelson home is the largest job Nex-Gen has sold and installed. This means we got to spend a lot of time getting to know the family and developing a lasting relationship over the course of the project.

The Nelson family window and door replacement project started in June of 2017. Jason, a Nex-Gen design consultant, had visited their home for an initial consultation. These consultations are a standard first step in the installation process. During these meetings items like, window dimensions, style of window, and  the type of finish and hardware are discussed.

The problem that the Nelson family was most concerned with addressing was having a window that was low maintenance, but had a wood appearance, since much of their home had custom wood stained features. They were interested in learning more about Fiberglass window replacement since they had heard about its benefits. Jason had the perfect solution for the Nelsons.

Our Everwood fiberglass window from our Infinity from Marvin product line. This window provided the family with a wood appearance and stainable finish, but without the maintenance. Beyond the product, Jason discussed the benefits of choosing Nex-Gen. We always say that a product is only as good as the installation. At Nex-Gen our expert installation and staining team can truly make a project one-of-a-kind, and provide that superior service and installation that is required to ensure quality window and door replacement that will improve your home for life.

The Nelsons chose to move forward with Nex-Gen, and the project began with replacing a window in the cottage, a guest house located on the property. But, there was a catch…only if the window turned out great, would the family have Nex-Gen continue on to replace the rest of the windows on the property.

After the completion of the cottage window, the Nelsons were pleased with Nex-Gen’s work and made the decision to move forward with the entire house! The entire project consisted of 104 windows and a patio door. Each window and door was from our Infinity from Marvin product line, and finished with Bahama Brown exterior and our patented Everwood interior finish that was custom stained to perfection.

The Nelson family and the team here at Nex-Gen have been extremely satisfied with this project. We firmly believe that projects like this, although rare, require only the best of materials and installation to achieve superior window performance and appearance. The team at Nex-Gen is confident in our ability to deliver both on product and installation whether it is a single patio door or a 104 window project.

Why the Infinity Product Line was the Best Solution for this Project

A very crucial part of the decision to go with the Infinity product is the location of the Nelson’s home. It is located on top of an extreme weather area in Lyons. This means that the windows had to seal extremely well in order to eliminate cold air leaking, and ensure the home was sealed tight from the elements.

Another key component was the exterior finish, and making sure that it will maintain its appearance and performance over time. This meant that the dark Bahama Brown color must perform with longevity and color retention as the windows will be exposed to extreme UV every day. In order to combat this, the Infinity windows have a triple coated acrylic finish, which is the highest rated exterior finish by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

A Word from the Design Consultant

What Jason, the design consultant on this project, most enjoyed about working on this job with the Nelsons:

“I enjoyed working on this project because it had a lot of moving parts. There was a high project cost that required detailed management and communication in order to deliver the customers exactly what they wanted. Additionally, their two young children always made it entertaining when I would visit the home to talk with the family about the project progress. Myself, and Nex-Gen ultimately developed a solid relationship with the Nelson family that we wish to continue. Not to mention, we are excited to continue on improving their home by adding windows to their new barn addition next spring. Nex-Gen has always enjoyed the projects that allow us to extend our capabilities of what can be done for replacement windows and doors.”

Finished Product:
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