Meet the Team

We are a company that is here to provide a quality experience for our customers and employees by creating a culture that encourages genuinity, innovation, and integrity.

Growing up in the window and siding business with my father, I had the opportunity of finding what I loved to do at a young age. I quickly gravitated towards the installation side of the business, and really enjoyed the challenges that were presented in creating a final product for clients that would achieve their expectations. I always felt that there is always a better and more efficient way of doing our job that provided customers with a quality experience and honesty that they deserved, and that is the reason that I started Nex-Gen back in 2003.

When it comes to my life outside of Nex-Gen, I have really enjoyed having the ability to just head west and go into the mountains. Over the years I have obtained a couple of Jeep Wranglers. Nowadays I enjoy working on them more than actually driving them around. As a kid, I grew up racing motocross. I have made it a goal of mine to get another bike for myself and my kids for the near future to enjoy with them. Besides that, I enjoy weekends off with friends and family by having a BBQ.

Brent Rajewski, President

I have been in the industry for about 30 years. It started back in Kansas with Pacesetter Corp when they decided to send me out to Denver as a Sales Manager in 1982. My son, Brent, would join me on appointments and enjoyed going. I think that is what sparked his interest in the industry and the desire to learn more. Since then, I have stayed in the home improvement industry and have always loved it, especially now that I get to work with my son and other wonderful people.

For fun, I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people. However, my joy is seeing my grandkids as much as possible. I enjoy going to my grandsons’ sporting events, and spending time on the farm with my granddaughter.

Ted Rajewski, Design Consultant

What started as more of a meet and greet to see if I’d fit in for a marketing position in 2015 has turned into a full time sales position along with providing insight for marketing and growth. What I love most about my job is experiencing the ups and downs that go with the constant drive for providing the best in product and services, which has allowed me to grow as an individual immensely. Our birthday cake parties are also a really nice bonus.

When I am not working, I enjoy snowmobiling, going on mountain adventures, seeing concerts with friends, and spending time back in Minnesota with family and friends. Fun fact: I am new to dirt biking!

Jason Goldsmith, Design Consultant

I have a long history with the founders of Nex-Gen. Brent has always been a hard working, driven, and passionate person. His leadership shows through on all his employees and allows us all to deliver a great experience for our customers. What I love about my job is having a very supportive management team. We are treated like part of a family and that creates a very positive culture.

As a hobby, I love to travel. I live for the feeling of a new place, culture, and experience. I am a very active person and have always made fitness and the gym a big part of my life. I love music, movies, and books of course.

Michael Baker, Design Consultant

Before moving to Northern Colorado I lived in Warroad, MN and worked for Marvin Windows and Doors. Once I learned that Nex-Gen sold the Infinity doors and windows from Marvin, I knew it was a place I wanted to work. Knowing that they were committed to installing a quality product for their customers was something that really stood out to me. I enjoy seeing people happy with the new look of their home. I love working with my co-workers in the office and in the field. I enjoy being able to visit the jobsite to see the progress of our jobs.

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time hiking, golfing, and playing hockey. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new places.

Hunter Hanowski, Assistant Production | Service Coordinator

I started working for Nex-Gen in April 2018. I spend my days keeping the warehouse organized and providing customer service through servicing completed jobs. What I love most about Nex-Gen is that they know the value of their employees, and everyone is treated like family. The same goes with Nex-Gen’s customers. As a service tech I have yet to hear a complaint about Nex-Gen staff.

During the weekends, I like to spend time playing in the mountains, whether it’s snowboarding in the winter or camping in the summers. I also enjoys going to concerts and building or repairing tech; anything from cellphones to custom pics.

Alex Mehler, Service Technician

I came to Nex-Gen after working with the company that creates the glass for the windows that we supply. I learned a lot about the glass from my previous experience and was curious to learn more about the rest of the product. So now, I have the privilege of working with Nex-Gen and supplying a product I now know from the ground up.

I am an athlete by nature and a happy guy, so my hobbies would include sports and backpacking. For fun, I enjoy going to local breweries.

Dan Lebsack, Shows & Events Coordinator

I have known the Rajewski family for a long time. Growing up, I was a competitive Irish step dancer, and danced for Brent’s wife’s dance school. Over that time, I got to know them pretty well. I remember watching Brent putting so much work into creating Nex-Gen in order to be the company that we are today. I didn’t know it then, but I was going to be a part of that special creation, the Nex-Gen family. Now that I work with Nex-Gen, that is my favorite aspect in the company; we truly are a family. Brent and the staff have created an environment and culture that fosters innovation, creativity, genuinity, and laughter. That’s the best part, there is always joking and laughter in the office.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. And when I have more time, I love to travel and see new places. I love meeting new people and learning about the local culture. There is always value to be had from a new experience!

Savanah Snider, Marketing Project Manager

We're always looking to add new faces to the Nex-Gen family!

Why We Think Nex-Gen Is Different:

The products and services we provide are the best in the industry, and we provide these products because they align with our mission. No shortcuts. We are willing to go beyond the “good enough to get by” mentality of our industry. We take on new opportunities as challenges to better our abilities and service offerings for our customers.

What makes us different is that it is ALWAYS about our customer. We have an authentic desire and action to provide the best experience and care for our customers. We are here to be a consultant and advisor. The best way we can serve our customer is by listening to their needs and helping them make the right decision for their home.

We are a family owned and operated company that extends this mentality out to our customers. We often say that they become part of the Nex-Gen family when we start a home improvement project with us. That relationship continues far past the end of the project.

Nex-Gen creates an environment for innovation. It has become too much of a “copycat” industry. It is time that the experienced companies step out to make the change in how the home improvement industry should be; an industry focused on innovation of product and service. Nex-Gen is here to Improve Your Home for Life.

Wow! What a great team of people.

Wow! What a great team of people. Jason led us through the process of replacing 18 windows on our 25 year old home. We knew with where we live that we didn’t want vinyl or wood windows due to the extreme weather conditions so we opted to check out Marvin windows. We couldn’t be happier. The team that measured and installed were professional and courteous. We look forward to working with Next-Gen in the future!

Improving Your Home for Life