Ultrex Fiberglass Windows Manufactured by Marvin

Marvin Window History

Since 1913, the Marvin family has been in the business of building exceptional quality windows and doors for homes across the country, even in other countries across the world. Their values of professionalism and dedication to quality are why they are one of the largest windows and doors manufacturers in existence today. Their vision to service the replacement window and door market lead to the creation of Marvin Infinity windows and doors, which are designed specifically for the replacement needs. Visit our showroom to view our Marvin windows and doors.

When the opportunity came about, Marvin knew they had many options of which material to use in the window line which came to the development of Ultrex® Fiberglass. Today Ultrex® has established a flawless track record for over two decades in production and proves to be the window material of the future.

Nex-Gen Home Exteriors: A Marvin Window Dealer

Both Nex-Gen Home Exteriors and Marvin value partnerships with companies who offer a mutually beneficial relationship and have like-minded backgrounds – which is why Nex-Gen Home Exteriors is a premiere Marvin window dealer.

Marvin is highly selective in choosing business partners; they must be independent, locally-owned installing retailers to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. There is a benefit to our customers in this Marvin window dealer-partnership because of the balance between a local company and a nationally renowned brand. As the local company, Nex-Gen has the local expertise of the community, and we know how to serve our customers and provide a quality experience from our first meeting to the install and post-closure experience. On the other hand, as a national company, Marvin knows how to build a quality product that will last a lifetime and provide that value to our customers. Together, Marvin and Nex-Gen Home Exteriors are a winning combination that better serves our customers. We are a local company that is backed by a national firm. When you choose Infinity windows and doors, you are supporting a small-town, family-owned and operated company with deep roots in the community. Click here to learn more about Nex-Gen Home Exterior as a premiere Marvin window dealer.

How Can We Help with Your Window Replacement Needs?

We really appreciated Ted's selling style of letting the product speak for itself.

He didn’t waste our time. His pitch was informative and very low pressure. I’m so happy we chose to go with Brent and his team. I dreaded the installation process and the cleanup afterwards. My husband was home when the windows were installed. I couldn’t believe it when I got home from work and the windows were in and there was no mess! I would not have known the installers had come if it weren’t for our beautiful new windows. The company is very responsive and workmanship was outstanding. I highly recommend Nex-Gen Home Exteriors for window replacements!

Marvin Windows & Doors: Built for Life

Infinity Marvin windows and doors are made with Ultrex, a patented pultruded fiberglass with acrylic capping. Ultrex and the Infinity pultrusion process are used to manufacture high-performance windows and doors that endure heat, cold, wind, and rain without wearing out. Ultrex has very low thermal expansion rates, which means that Infinity windows and doors stay tight and true even after extreme temperature swings. Ultrex expands at virtually the same rate as glass and maintains a tight seal, so it’s resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and longer-term performance. They are specifically built to endure our Colorado weather.

How It Is Made

Ultrex is made with thin strands of strong glass cables, saturated with specially compounded resins pulled through a heated die, capped with a patented acrylic coating, and cut with diamond-edge blades. This material innovation, developed by Marvin brings 25 years of unmatched experience, tooling and component optimization to every Infinity product.


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